Hydrant Markers

Residents in the Chili area of the Clifton fire district may have noticed the newly installed colorful hydrant markers. The Riga area of the fire district received them as part of their water system installation. The bright color combination makes it easier for us to locate the hydrant in all weather conditions whether it is day or night. If we have a large snowpack the marker may be the only way to locate it.

The Chili markers were made possible by a donation from a generous resident of the fire district. Now we need your help to keep the area around the hydrants clear. Most of us think about the snow covering them but another problem is brush and tall weed growth around them. If the hydrant near your home is hard to find, please help yourself and us by clearing around it. In the event of an emergency it will make our job easier. When there is an emergency, it is not time to play hide and go seek for the hydrant.

If for some reason you can’t physically clear the hydrant, enlist the help of a neighbor. Chances are it is to their benefit also.