Hello Neighbors:

We would like to tell a little bit about ourselves. The fire department, established in 1935, provides fire protection, EMS (emergency medical services), and rescue services for the southern part of the town of Chili and the southeast part of the town of Riga. Ambulance service is provided by the CHS (Chili, Henrietta, Scottsville) Ambulance Service and the Churchville Fire Department in Riga. Our firehouse is located at 53 Wheatland Center Road in the hamlet of Clifton. Our membership consists of about 40 men and women, all volunteer, who are also your friends and neighbors.

The fire department holds fundraisers during the year. Our annual Fireman’s Carnival is held during the first full weekend in August. The carnival has food, games and refreshments in an old style country carnival atmosphere. Friday night is the Fireman’s Parade and Saturday has entertainment. In November we host a Turkey Raffle, where you have the chance to win the turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. All of these events are held at the firehouse. The department mails an annual fund drive request. Donations may also be made through the United Way, look for our agency code.

Again we would like to welcome you to the community and to invite you to participate in some of the events we hold. We are always in need of new members to help us out. It is an opportunity for valuable training and very rewarding experiences. If you have any questions or would like more information about the Clifton Fire Department, feel free to contact us. We can be reached by e-mail Cliftonfd@Cliftonfire.org or stop at the firehouse on a Monday evening.

The members of the Clifton Fire Department