A message to our community

May 1, 2023

The members of the Clifton Fire Department Inc. have decided that there will not be a parade and carnival this year or in the foreseeable future. Please know that this was not a decision made lightly, easily, or without considerable research, thought, and discussion.

We recognize that there is sadness in this news. Many of us have never known the first weekend in August without the Clifton Carnival until the pandemic, but unfortunately, it is just not feasible to bring it back at this time. Even with the full support of the Ladies Auxiliary, there are too many challenges to realistically overcome to be able to host the event to the standards we have had in the past. We would never be satisfied with anything less.

We are extremely proud of what we brought to the community for over 80 years and will always have the great memories of past carnivals to enjoy.

The Members of the Clifton Fire Department and Ladies Auxiliary.